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More than I'd like to admit
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Launching is Optional... Landing? That Depends on Trees.
Stuck in a tree?
Semroc Midget upper stage (lost), 
(recovered) Estes V2, Quest Nike Smoke and the Alway Saturn IV.

Both the V2 and Saturn IV were exposed to the elements for over a month.
The V2 was rebuilt and finished, the Saturn IV is still drying out.
Hans "Chris" Michielssen
Old/New NAR # 19086 SR

My very first flight when I was in the 3rd grade  (an Astron Alpha) was lost to a tree, came down in the woods and never found it again.   Come to think of it, just about every flight from that period somehow found a tree.   Perils of living in the Pacific Northwet and launching from an Elementary School playfield.

My latest lost, an Estes Patriot that I modified to take "E" size 24mm engines simply went up and up... and no one ever saw it come down.
Level 1 - Estes Leviathan - CTI 164-H90 Classic
Level 2 - MadCow Sensor - CTI 716-J280-16A Smokey Sam
Big Bertha, Baby Bertha x2, V2, Red Max, MiniMax, Alpha x2, Viking.  These I know were devoured by rocketus eatemupus.  Many more were sacrificed to water or sky gods.  And a few to stupidity, usually mine.
Clear skies and straight smoke,
NAR 31689
I've put a few in trees. Managed to get a few back with my club's long lineman's poles. Let me tell you a 40' fiberglass pole is tough to wrangle. Luckily for me rocketeer's are helpful folks.

Lost my original NCR Archer month before last. The low level wind was mild and in a favorable direction. The upper level wind was neither. Saw the Archer lay over on some tall trees. The canopy is too thick to spot it from below and they are a lot taller than said pole.

Lost my PE Fatboy at the same site, but different trees many years ago. It stayed there for 2 years but finally emerged. The 'chute and plastic parts were reused in the re-build.

I've also lost 'em to corn, soybeans, and gulleys. The desert where I flew as a kid had no trees but there were lots of nooks and crannies for the littler ones to disappear into. Found one years later while out plinking.

I've also dropped a few into ponds and running irrigation ditches. I use a lot of non rocketry tubes and many had to be replaced. The biggest surprise was a 'pseudo-glassed' Estes BT-80-tubed rocket. It flopped in a pond and was pushed to shore by the wind. Thought it would be toast. However, I left the motor in and let it dry out. It was good as new when it dried. Pseudo-glassing doesn't add a ton of strength, but it appears to make them waterproof!
Member of MDRA, NAR and NARHAMS;
Level-2 certified but mostly fly G and under;
Volunteer compiler of manufacturer's news for ROCKETS Magazine.
Two Quasars, an Alpha III, a Red Max, a Marauder, a Super Alpha, a Beta, a Star Blazer, a Stormchaser, a Quest Viper and several scratch-builds have been sacrificed to the rocket-eating trees.

My bigger problem now at my present launch site is tall grass, ponds and power lines, and there's a list of ones lost to those hazards as well. That's why I build with the Dr. Zooch perspective in mind.
Living life dangerously...launching C's on a B field.
Known to be in a tree:
Decaffinator, Tristar, Viper 28, and Yankee

Lost somewhere, assumed to be in a tree:
Goonydent, Nike Ajax

Lost, but no where near a tree:
Mosquito, Scout, Twister

9 losses for 355 total flights - not a bad average.  Around a 2.5% loss rate

now I lost 8 when there was flooding in 2011 and they got ruined.
and I've donated 11 to different groups
Estes Mean Machine
Aerotech Sumo
other Estes kits that were too small/cheap for me to remember

On roofs of people's houses that I don't know:
Estes D-Region Tomahawk
Estes Neon XL

On power lines:
Estes Hi-Flier XL

In the weeds:
Estes Leviathan
John S.
NAR #96911
TRA #15253
Level 1, 2014-Mar-15 -- Aerotech Sumo, H133BS
Level 2, 2014-Jun-21 -- Giant Leap Vertical Assault, J240RL
Level 3, 2016-03-12 -- MAC Performance Radial Flyer, M1101WH, 13,028 feet
One rocket in the trees at the sod farm, but recovered, and repaired only to land in the irrigation ditch at LDRS, now dried and av-bay rebuilt and ready for this weekends launch!

Damage from shock cord pulling it out of the tree:

Dave Greger L3
NAR# 95846
MDRA #65

Hollie L1
NAR# 99687
I always said if I ever won the lottery, I'd buy a sod farm, and turn it into my launch site. Back in 1992, NARCON was held in Colorado Springs. The Air Force Academy allowed us to fly model rockets off their marching grounds on one of the days. Thick, beautiful green grass for hundreds of yards in length and width. It was an amazing place to fly. Probably didn't need chutes -- we could have just used tumble recovery into that grass.
NAR 55948, L2
In Build: Mars Snooper
Next: upscale Sky Hook (Panavia kitbash)
In Finishing:  Estes Honest John, Red Nova, Super Cobra
I don't want to bore anyone with the list, but I've lost (treed, floated off, blowed up) 62 out of 542 rockets since 1977. I'm not an arithmetic guy, but I'm pretty sure that's over 10%.

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