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FSI F7-4 - Info?
Yes, legendary for many reasons!! Not least of which the many catos in the days before temperature cycling was a known issue. They are also prone to nozzle plugging because of the very small throat. When they cato they often split the casing rather than blowing out the ends - not good for your model at all. You have been warned Smile I once had one blow at about 50 ft altitude, it rained shards of balsa and body tube; nothing was salvaged except the nose cone.

Then there are the stories from the late 1970's to early 1980's when they were the preferred power for RC B/G competition - with the notorious multiple pod separations / landsharks at the NARAM-21 Internats flyoffs in Houston (1979). I think this may have been the origin of the term "nine seconds of terror" for the F7. Bernie Biales had a pod come loose at liftoff and chase LCO Chris Tavares around the launch tent. It wasn't long after that that longburn composites came out and obsoleted the F7 from high level competition though.
Dave Cook 
NAR 21953 L2    TRA 1108

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