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Location line in postings?
Just posted in a discussion about CA curing in the bottle, and a couple of fellows commented that they don't know w here I live!

That's odd, cause I thought that that information was included in all postings in the header, but I guess it isn't.

Is there a reason why?

Or is it a toggle that I can turn on?

I think it would be helpful, if only which state, or city area that we reside in.  In my instance, I'm in SE Ohio but it's no secret.
(Some were concerned about the humidity levels, heat/cold cycles...)

What do you think?  Too much information, or would it be helpful?
You can show your location in a signature if you want. (I do, obviously.)

Also, one click on the avatar brings up your profile with your location shown. I kind of like seeing a location on each post but these are certainly acceptable fallbacks.
Rich Holmes
Camillus, NY
Secretary / newsletter editor
Syracuse Rocket Club

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