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BARC Halloween Bonus Launch
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To makeup for our lost September launch, BARC will hold a “Spooky” bonus launch on Halloween Day (October 31, 2015) at our Shiloh, NJ Rabbit Hill Farm HPR field [5,000 ft FAA approval]. Hopefully, the weather will cooperate and allow some higher altitude HPR flights.

Please mark your calendars, and check the BARC website's Launch Day page for location and launch detail updates.

BTW, Our inaugural HPR launch (October 17th) went extremely well.  Although temperatures and the wind were brisk, it was our most successful launch this year - 24 people attended, 31 rockets were launched and all were recovered well - 8 high power rocket launches.
NAR 98451 L2; MDRA 024; BARC 001 (President)

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Our Halloween Day launch is 2 days away, and the predicted weather is very good - clear skies, very light wind! So get out those rockets, put a big motor in them, and let them soar... Big Grin
NAR 98451 L2; MDRA 024; BARC 001 (President)


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