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(11-15-2015, 11:10 AM)Crazyrocket Wrote: OK. Stupid question. What JST connector is that in the photo? I would like to try your technique, but there a ton of different one. Thanks!

I've been using these also. Why wouldn't any type work, as long as there are two separate holes to accept wire?
 I just carefully shove/slide the bare match wire into the holes.
Cut one wire 1/4 in, shorter than the other, to aid in "finding" holes, then after pulling through cut off and bend tab.

(11-15-2015, 02:13 PM)Stealthfixer Wrote: BTW, is Charlie going to offer those online (or has he already)? Love that AL interstage coupler.

He's making them on custom basis to each individuals needs. Making a 3in to a 4in...... & another one like mine [3 to a 3] right now. Contact him through Carolina Composites to discuss. He needs to know who's tubing it is......thin or several other things to be able to make them fit right. His stuff is very reasonable & he's easy to talk to about it.It would be very difficult/nigh on impossible to make & stock an item like this.
He made some 38 to 54 units using the 38 motor as coupler.

Here are solutions for both the 2.6 V-2 & 2.6 Jayhawk utilizing charge holder for apogee and cable cutter for main.

JayHawk is shorter due to canards going through NC. This unit slides right into cone and is held in place with set screws.
They are recessed into cone so you can shove big A$$ motors in the rocket and get recovery gear around the E-bolt!
This stuff is not for the faint of heart. He's making superior performance minded items.


Contact Carolina Composites for info, I've just seen this stuff among many other things custom made.
I'm at the shop in NC for a few days, checking on our project.....[Area 51]
Jim Hendricksen
T 9693
L-3 Savannah Ga

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