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A4 (V2) for my L3
Time for another update from the natatorium lobby.
I took an evening and setup all the soldering stuff and finished off the master bulkhead.  All of my electronics bays are wired the same way with female JST connectors and the wires soldered directly to terminal blocks and potted in epoxy within the bulkhead.  This protects the weakest point (my soldering) and buried all the exposed conducting bits in epoxy which should help prevent unfortunate shorts.  I think the key to doing this is checking for conductivity and shorts at every step.  Once the epoxy has set would be a terrible time to find out there is a connection problem.
The straight forward set were the main charge connections as these are accessible from the fore side of the bulkhead.  The more problematic were the drogue compartment terminals.  These had to be routed over the fore side of the bulkhead as they needed to access the donut hole.  I probably could have worked out a fancier way of doing this through the tube wall, but that would have introduced another failure mode, and I want to make every effort to control as many of the things that can go wrong as I can.
Pictured are representative samples of the main and drogue attachment.  For these attachments I just use 5 min epoxy.
[Image: 22020825753_2766768e2c.jpg]   [Image: 22615948756_e45fe55328.jpg]   [Image: 22019196684_591cc386f6.jpg]   
After all of the terminals were attached it was time to put on the rest of the hardware.  All of the hardware used is stainless steel, as it will all be exposed to ejection charges.  The primary recovery attachments are a Forged M8 stainless eyebol and forged stainless lifting nut.   A healthy amount of red threadlock was used to ensure these are tightly joined.  The charge wells are made from 1/2 pvc sch40 end caps that are drilled and countersunk in the bottom for an 8-32 machine screw, and have a small hole in the side to allow the ematch through.  These have served me well in charges approaching 3g (room for about 4.5g), which is on the upper end of what would be needed here.
[Image: 22020836783_2c34f0548e.jpg]   [Image: 22020840383_0d3d1f382b.jpg]
Lastly, everything fitted in place in the tube.
[Image: 22615955386_457f257109.jpg]   [Image: 22454059910_d68acba2c0.jpg]
Total Weight of the body tube missing only altimeter and energetics is 4 lb 1 oz.  That leaves me a touch over 7 lbs for the nose and bt.  Right where I had hoped I'd be.
This pretty much brings the progress up to date.  I need a good round of garage cleanup, and then I'm going to start some vacuum bagging tests, so this thread will probably go stale for awhile.

(11-01-2015, 07:22 PM)rocketjet787 Wrote: Awesome! This thread is so cool I'm following it in two places. Big Grin

Glad to have you along for the ride.  May get a tad redundant though.

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