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Using A8-3s
A8-3s are perfect for something the size of Wizard (as flown by small child or on a windy day)
Phill Ash
Secretary - SouthEastern Virginia Rocketry Association (SEVRA)
2015 Tot Impulse: 1398.8 Ns (L2, 45 Flights, 57 Motors)
2016 Tot Impulse: 190.3 Ns (L2, 14 Flights, 16 Motors)


Here is an update on my A8-3 story:

After thoroughly trashing the A8-3 motor in the British Internet magazine INTERSPACE,  the rocket gods smiled and granted me 300 plus with more on the way.  Rather than looking at this gift as a giant white elephant, I will be cracking open my Model Rocketry Magazine archive from the 1960s and having my YMCA students build bunches of rockets using a case of BT-20s, BT-50s, Pringle's cans, paper towel tubing, and lots of cork nosecones and cardstock fins.

I also have added a weekly launch at my school every Wed., weather permitting, to advertise the club as well as making a dent on the A8-3 supply flying clusters.  I thought I had it good with 20 F10-4.  I have plans for those as well.

If I were a little kid, I would be on Cloud-9 with all of these A8-3s. Big Grin I knew I had a bunch but the count left me stunned.  There are still a few more cases left beyond the one box I have.  The coordinator for the YMCA wants the motors used up by next summer.  I see barrages of missiles flying if I advertise properly.

Angel A, Astatula, FLA
Ya I love the A8-3 next to the B6-4 its my next most used motor, it's great for the small fields.

As a former mostly-competition flyer I used to think A8-3's were pretty useless except maybe as power for an emergency backup low performance A B/G. Now I like 'em for general sport flying of smaller models. Times change...if 300 landed on my doorstep I'd be fairly happy.
Dave Cook 
NAR 21953 L2    TRA 1108
In recent years, I have figured ways to use handfuls of them in various clusters. In the last two years I have started using a few in my older models that I no longer want to risk losing on C6s.
Member of MDRA, NAR and NARHAMS;
Level-2 certified but mostly fly G and under;
Volunteer compiler of manufacturer's news for ROCKETS Magazine.
They're perfect for a Flutter-By...

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