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I just noticed that Magnaframe, which was formerly available from GLR in a whole bunch of sizes, now seems to be down to just a few smaller ones. Are they not making it any more? I admit it wasn't always a first choice, but it did sometimes fit the bill when I was trying to save weight.
NAR #96751, Level 2
Mayhem Rocketry, LLC
That's a nice rocket you have there...if you're looking for me, I'll be under my car.
I think they are starting to make their kits in FG now.
John S.
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TRA #15253
Level 1, 2014-Mar-15 -- Aerotech Sumo, H133BS
Level 2, 2014-Jun-21 -- Giant Leap Vertical Assault, J240RL
Level 3, 2016-03-12 -- MAC Performance Radial Flyer, M1101WH, 13,028 feet

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