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Mercury Redstone
Decided to build one of these. I think this rocket wins the most part to put together for me anyways. Getting ready to build the tower.

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Bill Fields
Hi Bill,
Please stop by my build blog for some tips, especially on the tower!

The build is in reverse, that's just the way blogs work.
You'll have to go back a bit to find the tower assembly.
You should glue it together from the top down, not the bottom up.
The way Centuri (that's the old Centuri tower) had instructed. Much easier than the Estes method.

Have fun and take your time!
Hans "Chris" Michielssen
Old/New NAR # 19086 SR

Thanks for the info. I was wondering about top down. Not a easy assembly.
Bill Fields
Good information Chris, I also have one of these to build along with an upscale Mercury Redstone (4" maybe) and the Mercury Atlas (5.5" or 1/22 scale) might build both to the same scale and just swap nose cones around.

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