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CJ's 4inch Punisher!
(11-18-2015, 10:27 PM)dixontj Wrote:
(11-18-2015, 10:10 PM)T34zac Wrote:
(11-18-2015, 09:33 PM)dlb Wrote: Well you have Delamar, Argonia and Black Rock, fat chance anywhere on the east coast. Maybe a 1 grain , maybe two..

Well considering a 14 pound, 4" diameter model (one I'm building now) sims to ~7,500' on a 2 grain L910, I don't think two would work out so well for a 10,000' waiver.

A 14# Punisher?!?! Single tube, HED @ 4" dia.?! OMG that is heavy?!

No no, I'm not building a 4" punisher. Like you say, fat chance the east coast a has any high enough waivers. I was just stating that the model I'm currently working on (a 4" Frenzy XL) sims that high, so a 4" punisher must get some SERIOUS altitude.

NAR# 98194
Level 1: CTI I-216, 3,043'
Level 2: CTI K-740, 5,999'

Personal altitude record: 12,400' CTI L395
2014 total impulse: 9,018.2 Ns (76% M)
2015 total impulse: 7,171.7 Ns (40% M)
2016 total impulse: 18,664.2 Ns (91% N)
2017 total impulse: 8,281.1 Ns (80% M)
A quick sim of the basic dimensions (unsure of exact fin dimensions so I  used a 4.5 inch span), with empty weight of 5 lbs (loaded = 15 lbs) gives about 17 k ft on a M1297, so that is doable if you are on the east coast at Potter.  At MDRA would be pushing up against the waiver.

I'm planning on building mine minimum diameter and launching on single grain Ks (K458 is about 10k), maybe a 2 grain L952 (about 16,500) if I feel lucky...  might need some noseweight.

Yeah I already gave Tim my $30 donation, and am expecting a good sale.
It should be ~10lbs RTF without the motor.
Yeah I was thinking thin wall FG and got carried away. It would probably still do 16k on an M1297 at 10 lbs.
I've got it put together, except for external fillets.
That's av-bay complete with sled & hardware. [nothing on it yet] Nc has tip. bolt & harness in. Button on etc.

Really only thing lacking is fillets Altimeters & recovery.

Dry I'm at......6.6lbs. I think your darn close with 10 Chris. I'm gonna try and squeak 9 out of it.

NC/Av-bay =  2.2
Fincan       =  4.2   [no external fillet]

Jim Hendricksen
T 9693
L-3 Savannah Ga
Scoot the camera to the left there... I wanna see the big black thing behind the high temp cone...

Sure wish I had a spycam installed in CJ's workshop Wink.
Ah but that's not Jim's workshop, it's Charlies Wink
AMRS #54
WARS #24

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