Poll: What is the future of Government regulation?
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HPR rocketry is doomed
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All rockets will be restricted
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Black Powder motors will be allowed
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Rocketry will go under the same as RC.
1 12.50%
The NAR will successfully defend the hobby.
2 25.00%
The government will do what it wants.
4 50.00%
Estes will negotiate a compromise.
1 12.50%
All manufactures will go under.
0 0%
All current rocketeers will be grandfathered in.
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No concessions at all.
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FAA Regulation of RC Planes, Drones...and us?
Yesterday, The FAA announced a new registration plan for all unmanned flight devices...meaning drones, but also impacting the RC airplane (and potentially, RC cars, etc).

The bare bones require an owner/operator to register the device and add a registration number in an accessible place.  Registration will initially cost $5 but during the first month, it is "free".

The RC community is upset with their national AMA organization. They had hoped to get some concessions through negotiation. Or a 400 foot buffer zone before having to register.  But it was not to pass.

Now, some are saying this is not only aimed at drones, but also at all RC devices.

Others fear that this is  the first step in a move to eventually control, if not regulated High Power rocketry out of existence.

What do you think?  Will they require registration for higher power rockets? Or will they ban everything but BP motors? Or is even that at risk?
I think the gubmint sees a ton of easy money coming their way for something they'd rather not have to mess with anyway, but "have to" (they THINK they have to anyway as part of their "regulatory" functions) and so they'll run with it. I think it'll probably start with having to PAY for a waiver and to file NOTAM's and go from there... step by step, drip by drip toward totalitarianism, like everything else in this country anymore...

What SHOULD happen is "civil disobedience" through ZERO COMPLIANCE. If people simply REFUSED to obey this "law" (or regulation or whatever you want to call it) it would send a message that folks DO NOT intend to be pushed around and milked like a cash machine for something the gubmint has NO BUSINESS doing ANYWAY...

We ALL know it won't STOP with a five-dollar "registration fee"... it'll go up from there, and then they'll start graduating the thing so that guys flying park flyers pay the lower end of the scale rates and guys flying bigger more expensive stuff will pay through the nose, etc. etc. etc... and IT'LL NEVER STOP!

Anybody that thinks this will somehow increase safety or security has to be daft... There will STILL be plenty of "illegal drone flights" and other such nonsense, just as there's various illegal rocket flights we hear about from time to time...

When drones are outlawed, only outlaws will have drones...

Pretty pathetic IMHO that we even have to have this conversation... speaks volumes about just how far downhill this country has gone... sickening IMHO.

Later! OL JR Smile

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