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Thread modes
I see an option for Thread modes, threaded or linear, on the right of the blue bar up top.
When I select threaded it gives me a new listing of all the messages for that thread at the bottom of the page but I can only view one message at a time.
How does this work exactly??
Do you have to use the "quote" button then they list together otherwise it's just considered a new branch and only lists by itself?
Maybe some test posts will help clear this up.
It seems that threaded would be a great way to do the new giveaway.
If I can figure out how it works best.
Mod's? Ideas??
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Gloria Robinson
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Linear shows each post in the order it is posted from top (oldest) to bottom (newest)

Threaded shows posts in the same way, unless someone replies to a specific post, then that post shows up directly underneath and slightly offset. Although, this doesn't seem to work properly right now.

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