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HAWK MiM 23 kit arrives!
To my great surprise, a package arrived this week from a pair of rocketry enthusiast. They had asked for my home address as they had something to mail me.

The prior-opened HAWK MiM23 kit was inside, with a few additional pieces as well.  At least one extra was a small package of Sunward 18mm motor mount adapter kit, but I don't know if it is necessary or goes with the bigger HAWK kit.

Only a few pieces damaged:  One of the side rail pieces of balsa wood is missing about an inch off the end, but I don't know if that's missing or just how the second piece looks when shipped.  Also, the small square of clay weight for the nosecone is completely dried out, solid, un-mold-able, even though it is still sealed inside it's bag. Someone has begun drawing in ballpoint around the fin template that someone produced. And so, there are four fins completely laid out on two sheets of balsa, but not cut out yet. (should I use a scroll saw? Hack saw? Hobby knife?)

Also, there are no stickers of any kind, but a lead has told me that StickerShock is making or has on hand the right decals for $12.95

Also, there's a second body tube of the same diameter, but about two inches longer. Also a second parachute in yellow nylon with thick braided shroud lines and a hefty brass swivel clip secured with an orange zip tie.

Otherwise, the HAWK seems to be complete, with instructions and placard.

Anyone have any experience with this kit?  Any problems with replacing the nosecone clay with just regular modeling clay? Or does it even matter?  Just the matching amount of weight? Huh
The clay can be reconstituted by adding a small amounts of water to the bag until it is soft enough to work with. Be careful too much water will turn the clay to slime and you'll have to let it dry out again.
Mike L.

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Didn't wet it. Just broke it in half and then tossed it.
As it was, I softened some other clay and worked it into a rope worm and fed it down into the nose and compacted with a log rod/unsharpened pencil.
Get some "Modeling Clay" at your local H-L, Michael's, or hobby store. It will not dry out. I have had a box for over 5 years and it is still good and pliable.

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