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Body Tubes
T2Plus from BMS
T-MM from ASP
BT-2.5 from Fliskits
T-2+ from Totally Tubular(eRockets)

If anyone has tried two or more of these and can directly compare the quality of each, please share.
I have read claims the Fliskits tube is superior but no one has said why, or compared to what.
Stronger tube? Smaller spiral groove?
None of the sites have photo's which makes it hard to judge the spirals.

Interesting to note that eRockets list the T-2+ tube as 0.310" OD and 0.297" ID.
Checking their T-2 listing, that is listed as 0.281" OD and 0.255" ID. I think someone has stuffed up!

AMRS #54
WARS #24
Even though the tubes have different designations, they probably all come from Euclid.
The are pretty much the same was thickness, the smaller the tube the stronger and stiffer they will seem.
The BT-5 tubes (and smaller diameter tubes) have a wall thickness of .013"
Some vendors list their smallest tubes with a wall thickness of .025! I don't think that's accurate.

If you were to buy two of the same tubes from different vendors you'd probably see wider seams on one.
It all has to do with how the final clear layer is placed.
There are probably from separate batches and maybe a different operator.

The eRockets T-2+ is probably a telescoping tube, it'll slide over the T-2 tube.
Here's the BMS listing:
T2-34 0.246x0.220x.013x34
T2Plus-34 0.281x0.255x.013x34 (fits over T2)

The attached picture shows a BT-5 based Estes Mini Mosquito.
To the right is an ASP Jayhawk with their T-MM minimum diameter tube. 
Both tubes are different diameters but the wall thicknesses look to be the same.

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Hans "Chris" Michielssen
Old/New NAR # 19086 SR

Thanks Hans.
I had suspected that maybe a couple of them would have been from the same supplier, but all of them? Is there only one tube manufacturer?

I'm still confused by the eRockets tubes.
They are apparently Totally Tubular, which in another thread you mention came up with the T2+ designation, yet eRockets appear to list the T2+ with what I think is the T3 dimensions, and the T2 with what I think are the T2+ dimensions?

If I was in the US, I'd just by tubes from all of them to test. But I'm in Australia and shipping from the US gets very costly very quick, especially on the 34" tubes!!!
I'm thinking of requesting all tubes get cut in half before shipping.
AMRS #54
WARS #24
Well, I just ordered 30 lengths of the T-MM and some couplers from ASP with the Fathers Day sale discount.
Shouldn't need the couplers as even an MD version of a Mean Machine is 'only' 12" long, so the couplers will be chopped up to be used as thrust rings.

Got a pile of other stuff too (kits etc) great stuff, cheers Andy!
AMRS #54
WARS #24
I don't like to ship our longer (30") tubes Internationally as the risk of damage is so high in the longer transit time, plus you'll usually get hit pretty hard on dimensional weight pricing. I always recommend to cut them in half - just cut some tubes in half for an order going to Japan...

Andy Jackson
NAR #14575
TRA #1191
Aerospace Speciality Products

Thanks again Andy.
My freight forwarder consolidates packages which reduces freight costs, but the longest box they have is only 23" so yeah, long tubes are a pain.
The T-MM's are 12" tho so all is good.
Once your package arrives in Nevada, it will get boxed up with 21 others packages(!!!) and then be winging it's way to me Smile
AMRS #54
WARS #24
Don't know of any body tubes that don't come from Euclid, we just got in 5,000 BT80 Couplers this week.
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