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Madcow SPEV
I have some parts sitting around from a 2. 6 " Madcow Black Brant that I purchased about 4 years ago, but never built.  The rocket came with a 38mm motor mount.  At the time I was planning to put a 54 mm mount in it.  A couple of things derailed the build at the time.  One was the fin slots were off (slightly canted) maybe a degree or two but noticeable.  Second was I decided I did not like the really large fins, and the fact that they were only 1/16" thick.  So I decided to make some shorter less draggy fins and laminate them with several layers of unidirectional CF.  I tried my hand at beveling them manually with mediocre results, and that is where the build stopped.

So after building a fin beveling router table of sorts a few weeks ago (for beveling the fins in my Punisher build), I decided to clean up these fins at the same time and make this pile of parts into a rocket.  I also opened up the fin slots pretty substantially.  There is not a whole lot left to build other than epoxy  the mount and fins, and make some fillets, but hey why not throw up another build thread.

A few pics.  The motor mount has a slim line retainer.

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One fin is on.


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Did some stuff with epoxy.  Put a bead of JB weld on the root to attach the fin.  After curing, I followed that up with a mini fillet to fill in the large gaps in the fin slots.  I'll go back over with normal size fillets soon enough.

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I cut some parts for the payload and AV bay, with the chop saw.    The natural color tubing is from a 2.6 inch  Wildman MWP power pack from a while back.  The new diamond blade made better cuts than these tubes came with. Although both the black and natural tubing were made by Performance Rocketry there is noticeable difference in ODs.  Hmm.  The nose cone base is undersized relative to both types of tubes.  Double hmm.  

Oh well. I'm not going to worry too much about small body tube discontinuities.  If I can cobble an AV bay together in the next week,  this may fly as is at Red Glare.  If the weather isn't crappy.

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She is looking mighty pretty Smile
Junior L2!
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Moved this one from the back burner to the side burner. 

Did some paint prep work.

Put it in the paint queue.

Sprayed some primer

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Painted this one green.

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That is an absolutely stunning color!
Mason Hazzard
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Thanks. I was going for durability using automotive paints for the first time, but figured I'd try some bright colors to make things interesting. Anyway, the stuff was easy to apply, and the results were way better than any paint job I've laid down before.
The SPEV has flown.  Pics from LDRS 36.  The I229T put it up to 2900 ft.


This concludes another great build thread here on Rocketry Center.  Thanks for watching kids Smile

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