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Rocketman R14 Pro-XP
Rocketman Pro-XP Premium R14 parachute. This is an outstanding parachute for your large models, I've used it in rockets up to 50# successfully. 

Features heavy 1.9oz fabric with 9/16" tubular nylon shroud lines and canopy reinforcement. Shroud lines are 12' long and extra-reinforced to the canopy.  A loop is sewn to the top of the canopy for a pilot chute. 

Chute is used. Cords are singed, but do not have structural damage. Canopy has 2 holes and some discoloration, I've done my best to show pictures of these.

Retail is $225. I'm asking $150 shipped. I have it listed on eBay for $160 shipped, save a few bucks here to avoid fees.  Paypal friends and family payment preferred (I'm trustworthy, ask a few of the people here...)

Jump to the auction for pictures:
Dan Patell
TRA 10904 L3
Patell Manufacturing Facebook Page

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