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3 stage LPR Rocket
you could make a connector/coupler. heres a video you could use as a guide
for body tubes, i go to amazon and can usually find the best price.

for the motor mount tube and centeringmrings, sunward group has good prices and selection

which, sunward is a bad place for me. i now have 3 scratch built rockets in the works seeing their cluster motor mount options!lolol
Wrote to Estes at someone's suggestion, and attached a picture.
They say they no longer stock parts...
however, they will send me a new rocket kit. (I didn't ask for that. It's not their fault, and I didn't buy the rocket from them originally!)
I followed someone's suggestion to send a photo to Estes to ask for parts, but got a nice email from Christie back saying:
1) They no longer stock parts in the U.S.
2) They have received many emails about starter/launch control problems, and so, attached a form letter running down the various points to check. Among them is a STRONG recommendation to invest in a QUALITY 9 volt alkaline battery, and listing four good brands with models. Also, a description of those that masquerade as QUALITY but just do not have the zing
3) They also address brown starters vs. black igniters and have had no problems when the proper quality alkaline battery is used.

I responded that we had used a 12 volt cart battery with another professional launch controller,and that it had launched all others. I also told her not to bother to send a complete new rocket kit, as it would not be necessary.

To my pleasant surprise, on Friday, a package arrived from Estes with a complete new Cheroche-3 rocket kit, and TWO packs of igniters! I have not opened them, but I assume that they are brown tips, if that is what is currently being made.

I have to say that Estes does make every effort to satisfy their customers, and they've earned my repeat business.

(I just wish that I could have saved them the expense of sending a new kit and all... It was MORE than I had asked for.)

(In the meantime, another Elmer is helping me find parts through a couple of supply houses, and that'll cost about a third of the cost of the rocket, but I feel better doing that, and having some extras on hand to construct more Stage 2 if they burn.)
Estes does sell parts now to a certain limit per customer demand.
Problem is the coupler pack is 4 bucks and plus 3x that for shipping.
UncleMikesRocketShack is a good place for parts, but a minimum shipping is due.
Semroc parts are available from eRockets. Where you can also order Semroc models *hints*
Are you suggesting that if I specified that I needed a BT-50 2.75 inches long, a BT-20 2.25 inches long, two green 1/4" centering rings and a 1" long red connecting tube for a BT-50

....that Semroc or eRockets would be able to supply those parts for an Estes rocket repair?

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