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intro from metro detroit.
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hey all my names tom, a BAR. i used to fly back in the late 90's- early 00's with michigan team1 and just out with my son and brother. before team1 i was tinkering with estes rockets(again after doing it when i was a kid) and attended an rc plane show in novi where tbere were  a couple guys that had a little display of hpr. i was hooked!!!!
welp, life happened in the 00's. money got tight then a stage 3 metastic melanoma diagnosis in 2006 and rocketry got put on the backburner. i was actually thinkin i was done with it about 1 1/2 years ago and sold all of my supplies and most of my fleet-i kept a couple 29mmt rockets,motors, and casings.
welp, i seemed to have gotten bit again!!! i think it was my other brother planning a move from elmore,oh, to akron and planning a family party and i thought,"hhhmmm, he has a pretty big rec field and corn fields as his backyard, i think ill see what i can come up with to maybe go have a blast!"
thats led me to  building a couple little estes rockets and plans to scratch build my favorite rocket i had- a ( i think it was a thoy kit) nightwawk with 7-29mm clustser. i loved that thing and hope the man that bought it (and the rest of them) is having a great time with it. launched it with quite a few different motor configurations, my favorite being 3-g125' a d 4-g25's. also loved my mini mag on an I218. but in all honesty, i loved all the flights i had AND everyone elses! just loved hearing the first time an M motor out at three oaks! and a mini magg on a j90. and the REAL youngens getting all excited seeing their rockets launch!
anyways, yeah, think im getting hooked again!!!! 
i really liked the comeraderie of the rocket community and how everyone was so willing to help others and share information.

hopefully ill be meeting skme of ya'll in person.

have an awesome day!
Welcome to the forums! We like pictures and video, and epic recovery stories. Wink
John S.
NAR #96911
TRA #15253
Level 1, 2014-Mar-15 -- Aerotech Sumo, H133BS
Level 2, 2014-Jun-21 -- Giant Leap Vertical Assault, J240RL
Level 3, 2016-03-12 -- MAC Performance Radial Flyer, M1101WH, 13,028 feet
Welcome to the forum. We're small but passionate!
You'll fit right in!
Welcome to the forum Tom!
Kick up your feet and stay a while.
Greg Young - L3
TRA 00234
NAR 42065
bat-mite, i see ya got your L3 cert recently.... cool beans!!!

i dont have any pics yet on my computer. quite a few in a box,though.
as for recovery stories, ive got a few, with one from a launch in ithica(mi) comin to mind that was pretty wild.
I am from Owosso, Michigan originally, so I know where Ithica is, as well as most of the locations you've mentioned.

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