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any good reads on building for air starting?
im in the  very early stages of scratch building a 7-29mm motor rocket- replacing my THOY nighthawk i looooved yet sold a few years ago. life happened. but now i want to do something with this one i wanted to do with my nighthawk- airstart. im not sure what i have to do to get wiring from timer/altimeter bay down to the motors and was hopin someone might know of some reading i could study. id rather know beforehand so i can build anything i have to into the rocket rather than retro fitting.
any info and help is greatly appreciated from this BAR.
I don't have any reading to offer. However, I am planning to do the same thing with a LOC Ultimate. My plan was to build in some 1/4" tubes between the motor tubes. Right now I am leaning toward a doughnut-shaped A/V bay. I will have the central MMT come up through the A/V Bay, so that I can do motor eject on the center MMT if so desired. Run wiring down from e-bay to motors via ducts.

Note - the MMT for the Ultimate has 4 short, 2 medium, and one long tube. The long tube goes through the center, the mediums go at 12 and 6 o'clock. The upper centering ring for only has holes for the long and medium (three total). I'm planning to extend the center tube up a bit, and have an A/V Bay that looks like a MMT - hole in the middle to slide on/off.

My first step is going to be sleeveing the airframe, so there may be a build thread along here someday. Just not yet.

The other bit I've gotten from reading airstart threads is that using something like a RRC3 for airstarts, where you can program time and altitude triggers, to ensure that the rocket is still pointed up when you airstart. That seems to be a good thing.
Bill Cooper
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L2: Oct. 2015, Wildman Interceptor A.A.D. 98
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thanks,bill! i think ill add 2-1/4" tubes in there-on opposite sides of the motor mount.
ive been lookin at the RRC3 as a matter of fact for the electronics to airstart.
its going to be a bit before i get to airstarting it, but in the meantime ive got construction of it and,after this last weekend, reconstruction on my aerotech mirage. launched it on a G80 and flew great. however i havent flown it in over 10 years. i have it built so theres 2 parachutes- one for upper part and one for booster. i remembered, after the fact, that i packed the chute for top section first, then put chute for booster in. this ensured both chutes came out. i packed the booster chute in first, then chute for top, then slid together and launched.
the chute for the booster didnt make it out of the bt, so it came in ballistic. crushed/smashed the bt up(or down) to the fin can, which wasnt hurt at all.
thanks for the info and your build sounds interesting!

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