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NYPOWER 20 will be Awesome!
Hey everyone out there in rocket land.   Tis I, The Shredder. [Image: smile.png]

If you have been thinking I would like to go to NSL but for some reason you can't make it, the second best event in the North East is NYPOWER!
Have any of you taken a look at the BFR's that are in the FEATURED FLIGHTS page at ?  Well, It's one of the biggest rocket lineups
for the NYPOWER event that I have ever encountered.  Now is the time to pass on the web site address to any and all that
love rockets.  Not to mention, order your 20th Anniversary commemorative shirts.  Don't forget to register. [Image: biggrin.png]

This years NYPOWER is not only the 20th Anniversary of the event, but it will have special competition events, auctions, 50/50 cash splits, night launch, and
drawings just to name a few.  Vendors galore for all the rocket supplies you need or just drool over.  RV's are also welcome but there are no hook up facilities and no open files allowed. Contact the NYPOWER Event Director ( if you intend to bring an RV.

So please, once again, let everyone know that this is the one event that you don't want to miss.  Low to no crops, grass launch area,
and very friendly atmosphere in which to bring children to fly or watch.  Either will be fun and exciting.
Oh and food!  Did I mention food?  BBQ, burgers and other such delights await you on the field.

See you there!
The Shredder
Jim Goggins
NAR 89107  L3
As Jim said you may want to take a look at this year's T-shirt in case you haven't already. It is a special design for our 20th NYPOWER.

Also we are going to have an individual onsite during the launch weekend who has volunteered to help children build, and then fly their first rocket kit. What a great way to get some more first time fliers!

Greg Young - L3
TRA 00234
NAR 42065
The NYPOWER Committee has been very busy! A few things to fill people in on. 

Saturday is going to be epic, 
  • We are going to leave the High Power Waiver open for as long as the FAA will allow, in our previous experience that will most likely be DUSK.
  • Starting at 5PM Rochester's favorite BBQ "the 3 Legged Pig" will be serving a Chicken or BBQ rib dinner for a very reasonable price.
  • At 6PM we will be conducting an auction of many Classic Estes, Centuri kits and a Bunch of classic MOTORS!
  • When the Sun goes down we will begin a NIGHT LAUNCH!
All weekend we will be holding 2 actual HIGH Power competitions Mach Madness and Mile High

Details on the website

Auction Details...

Don't forget 1 square mile of Mowed grass to launch from and many more of farm land with Low or no crops for easy recovery!
This, our 20th NYPOWER event is going to really rock!
Come out and join us Saturday through Monday for this premiere event! Smile
Greg Young - L3
TRA 00234
NAR 42065
Last Call for NYPOWER tshirts. There will be a VERY Limited quantity of extra's on the field Don't miss out!

Tshirt Sales:
Pre-order of the NYPOWER shirt ENDS MAY 2nd DON'T Miss Out!
100% cotton, NYPOWER 20 on the front with NYPOWER20 Logo on the back. Whoever registers for NYPOWER by May 1st will have their name added to the list printed on the back of the shirt.
Tshirts are for on field pickup at Registration
We have more fliers registered for NYPOWER 20 than we have seen in past years! T shirts have been selling like mad!
Perhaps its the new approach and ideas the committee came up with including "the bucket of rockets" build for children who are given free rocket kits and engines and build them with the assistance of staff, flying them the same day.
Maybe it's the Estes rare kit auctions. Maybe it's the night flights. Maybe it's the thought of hassle free flying on an all grass field. Maybe it's because this is our 20th NYPOWER. Maybe it's all of the above.
Regardless, we are going to see many fliers from across the US and Canada have a great time!
I look forward to meeting folks from the forums that I have yet to meet.
See you in Geneseo at the National Warplane Museum's field om Memorial day weekend.
Greg Young - L3
TRA 00234
NAR 42065

A FULL Scale Patriot to be flown as a tribute to the late Great Paul Robinson at NYPOWER Memorial weekend! More Details here:

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(05-12-2016, 10:24 PM)Rocketmom Wrote: The Rumors of the FULL SCALE PATRIOT at NYPOWER are TRUE!

A FULL Scale Patriot to be flown as a tribute to the late Great Paul Robinson at NYPOWER Memorial weekend! More Details here:

Guess I know which rocket I'll be bringing (again)...
Rich Holmes
Camillus, NY
Secretary / newsletter editor
Syracuse Rocket Club
Be sure to get a picture of your Patriot in front of its bigger cousin...
Greg Young - L3
TRA 00234
NAR 42065
Got word yesterday that the field has been mowed! Whoot whoot!!!

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