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Model RR’er who wants to build a FUNCTIONING PRG…
I’m actually a model railroader, with very limited rocketry experience, currently attempting to ascertain whether it will be possible for me to construct a FUNCTIONING 1:64th scale model of a LGM-118A Peacekeeper Rail Garrison.
The Peacekeeper Rail Garrison is rail-based mobile silo intended to keep fifty LGM-118A ‘Peacekeeper’ ICBM’s in constant motion around the country, therefore preventing America’s enemies (the USSR & PRC at the time) from targeting this strategic asset.
While fifty of these systems were initially planned, only two were completed, with the sole surviving example on display at Wright-Patterson AFB.
I want to attempt to build an accurate scale model of one of these systems and was hoping to rely on the expertise of the people on this forum to help me make this model functional, namely able to actually launch a small model rocket without damaging the model.  In order to make this happen, I will have to overcome several technical challenges…
I look forward to seeing you on the forum…
Hi Dan, welcome to Rocketry Center.

Interesting project, however there are a couple of potential issues for you.
With regard to building an accurate scale model, you might have to roll your own tube for the airframe as there are no commercial tubes(that I am aware of) that match your chosen scale.

For a 1/64th scale you would need a 36.1mm OD tube(1.42").
The closest commercial tubes are:
BT56 which is 34.2mm and would result in a scale of approx. 1/67.6
BT60 which is 41.6mm and would result in a scale of approx. 1/55.5

The BT56 is close, you probably wouldn't notice ~6% smaller diameter, however a 6% reduction in length(to maintain proportions) works out to ~18mm (~0.75") shorter which might bother you.

Also, model rocket stability is provided by having fins.
The Peacekeeper is finless and used thrust vectoring for stability.
Scale modelers often use clear plastic fins which are not entirely invisible, not sure if this would be an issue for you.

Good luck, hope to see a build thread Smile
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Welcome aboard Dan.
You might be surprised the number of rocketry folks that also are into trains, then again you might not!
Simon gave you great advice. Good luck with your project and keep us posted! Smile
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You will have to consider where/how to have a launch rod to provide stability during the launch (until the clear plastic fins become effective).  The real would not have this rod.

Also, you need to be concerned on the materials you use for the RR portion to ensure the motor exhaust won't cause damage.

Best of luck

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