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Madcow Megacowabunga
A brief progress update.  After some fiddling around with orientation and some strategic filing here and there (ahem), here is the final altimeter sled, front and back, and installed into the Node Cone:


The wires are run temporarily until I decide on the best fit, then I will hot melt glue them in place.

Since it's been raining here for about a month, can't work outside, can't fly rockets.  With the extra time on my hands, I went ahead and made the external fillets too.  Just West Systems epoxy with the high density filler:


I have about one caliber of static stability, even before the parachute is installed into the Nose Cone. Looks like I will be able to maintain at least 0.7 with the worst case motor (2G 75mm). Next step will be ejection testing when we get some nicer weather
NAR 98479 L3

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