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Au-198 for NARTREK Gold
Here's my latest, a scratch build called Au-198. I'll be using this for NARTREK Gold.
[Image: img_9906.jpg]

24 mm motor mount (with a thrust ring that'll allow me to go to an E motor, if I feel that crazy, but will prevent me from being stupid with a CTI 131G84 or something). Payload section with a vent hole for an altimeter. I used a Rocketarium motor retainer for the first time.

[Image: img_9911.jpg]

I've used Estes retainers and I like them, but they're too wide and chunky for this rocket.

That weird greenish-yellow color you see there isn’t the paint. It’s a reflection of my shirt.

[Image: img_9914.jpg]
Rich Holmes
Camillus, NY
Secretary / newsletter editor
Syracuse Rocket Club

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