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Wildman Punisher 2200 (3 inch minimum dia. build)
Thanks Greg.

Post build/flight notes:

I meant to post this during the build but lost track of the photos.  I used coupler tube to give me double wall thickness from the forward end of the motor to the bottom of the AV-bay.  The purpose here is to minimize the risk of the body  tube folding forward of the motor, on high speed flights such as this. I bought 3 inch coupler tube from Wildman and cut it down. 

For motor retention I friction fit with blue painters tape with strips running the length of the motor.

Additionally, for internal AV-bay pics, see the 3 inch MD build thread on here for the M2245 motor I did last year.  I've recycled this sled and electronics for three minimum diameter flights so far. It was kind of  a quick and dirty design at the time, but it gets the job done.

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