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The Rockety Center Favicon?
This Grass roots stuff is why we started this forum! Great stuff.
I would like one for USR.  One first thinks, 16x16, big deal, till you realize you have to deal with colors and on that rough a scale and some special pixel tricks. Wanna give it a shot anyone?

BTW the one they already uploaded now, looks great.

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Thanks Guys.
As I said, it was just a hack... the software I use often for re-drawing decals(the Viking in my avatar for example) which is simple tracing work, but I've never done anything like this before.
I've noticed the DRM's nosecone looks too sharp, this is only due to me trying to give the illusion of depth(3D shading) to the rocket which hasn't down-scaled well to the 76 pixel height of the logo.

The software(Inkscape) is very powerful, re-drawing decals needs only a tiny fraction of the tools available.
Someone that has experience and (unlike me) some actual artistic talent could literally do anything. (do a google image search for Inkscape.... wow)
I had fun learning new tools though, so I'll keep playing around.
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Some more playing around...
(clicky biggie)
AMRS #54
WARS #24
Ok...  working off of Viking's image, I created this new favicon...

[Image: 605dfdd148f1fea0576f6df7b0b7dce6.ico.png]

And I figured out why the other favicon sizes were blurry...  Before uploading the image, I had scaled it down to 16x16 pixels, and it went with that image to upscale them.

Apparently this favicon generator doesn't require you downscale the image beforehand (so this time I didn't).  Which is unlike the previous generators that I've used to create the images (I provided one to the newly revamped ASP website (they had one, it had just been forgotten), and also to Binder Design's website).

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They all look great guys! It's a tough to choose, but I like Simon's, as it scales up large and crisp.
Again, I would be happy to see any of these.
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Scaling is no problem with vector graphics, you could print it 20x20 feet and it would still be sharp.
As for the quality of my 'art' however.... haha
AMRS #54
WARS #24
Can the administration restore the Rocketry Center logo to upper left hand corner?  As great as it was Smile,  it is better than the MyBB forum software image that is there now, and lets people know they are on a rocketry site.

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