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October WVSOAR NAR 564 Launch at Rio Grande, Ohio
Hello, and welcome to our club launch. It is planned for  Saturday, Oct. 8th, 2016 weather permitting.

We borrow the field at the Bob Evans Farm, in Rio Grande, Ohio once a month to launch from 10am to 4pm.
The launch date is open to any rocketeer, born again, NAR member or newbie....
We practice safety on the field, but don't stand on formality.
Updates and discussion of field conditions, weather, postponements and other club business is held on our facebook page: WVSOAR NAR 564, and all are welcome to read over our shoulder or post questions.

We normally have at least one vendor present who helps us with supplies, motors, kits, etc.  However, they also travel to other larger venues, so ask in advance if you're counting on buying something specific.  

We're batting about 50-50 so far this year, with three very successful launches, and two rain-out last month. So we're watching the forecast VERY carefully as we approach Saturday's launch.  Normally, the NOTAM has been filed Thursday with the FAA for pilots.  There is normally a "K motor Limit at 10,000 feet" but if you have questions, please ask. (I'm LPR and so the HPR terminology is Greek to me!)

The drive to the field is virtually all expressway, and there's a great Bob Evans restaurant immediately across the road from us, so feel free to load up and set the cruise control to come spend the day in SE Ohio with us!

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