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Bluetube Optimas
So, I have this obsession.  I've got an Optima and a Shadow I built back in the day.  I've build two downscales out of BT60.  I've got a semi clone with a short BT and a round nosecone.  I have parts for two more full scale clones.  I have a BT50 SEMROC kit unbuilt, and both an Optima and a Shadow unbuilt in the boxes.    It's a small issue.  Way back when I got back into rocketry, I built a small Onyx.   Quickly outgrew my local fields and decided if I was going to club up, may as well build something worth doing an L1 on.  Thus began my plans for my first Bluetube Optima.   29mm, plywood fins.  I took a good bit of time building it, and learned a lot along the way.   I'd have done a few things differently,   better epoxies, 38mm mount, etc.  So I'm building that now too, and a cluster just for fun.   I'll get to those later, but here's the first- 

First layout of parts.  All this stuff seemed crazy big to me.
[Image: 5956207360_8d620917b1.jpg]

Fin layout:
[Image: 5959824552_71ff9f0f88.jpg]

Slotting the tubes.  I now use a dremel and cutoff wheel.
[Image: 5965992656_2de2170e75_z.jpg]

fitting the fins
[Image: 5965989888_e8353184b2_z.jpg]

first dry fit.  I cut a slot in the fin tabs and locked them over the CR.the motor mount is excessively long.

[Image: 5986096131_e2122f3f35.jpg][Image: 5970945559_0e536a610c.jpg][Image: 5968265477_4c4f0e6cec.jpg]

another place I went a little bit crazy, this U bolt, and massive harness.
[Image: 6016430334_f829119228.jpg][Image: 6016429062_bbfc383992.jpg]

This is after I took the clamps off that kept the forward fins in place:
[Image: 6027144069_1093104579.jpg]

May have overdone it here:
[Image: 6020295092_de68b09855.jpg]

Grabbed a rocketman 3' after I realized the fruity chutes 16 was waaaaay too small
[Image: 6110645306_9815f3b792.jpg]

Tiny thin fillets.  another thing I'd change
[Image: 6098069919_3b8cbd28eb.jpg]

[Image: 6027701194_c75a9a9fae.jpg]

Ready for paint, priming, painted!

[Image: 6027703222_671a7c3c30.jpg][Image: 6139214898_8b3f2d4d5e.jpg][Image: 6160522417_cc6e5a5fca.jpg][Image: 6128891232_a272c525c4.jpg][Image: 6190321343_46f5ec41ce.jpg][Image: 6187243504_a5c53bd954.jpg]

In flight-  F50T, G78G, G38FJ, F50T, G54R, H133BS, G77R, G40W, H250G, G79W, G138T, G80T, G78G, G77R, G79W,  G53J, G78G, G79W

[Image: 6233012116_1e3276ac02.jpg][Image: 6233017906_0e00c723f5.jpg][Image: 6232550269_82f6d78e75.jpg][Image: 8196908484_fe3fc5deee.jpg][Image: 8686809791_aa6202ebe0.jpg][Image: 8686817609_ea5eba8a7b.jpg][Image: 9438509675_95e7fd6ef4.jpg][Image: 9438905753_cf94874ed1.jpg][Image: 10393725733_348c1378b6.jpg]

[Image: 10393442724_6cd4046d2e.jpg][Image: 14064292533_efc69c063e.jpg][Image: 14579120694_8ff4bc74ce.jpg][Image: 14616995986_e7e17edbea.jpg][Image: 14579120054_2eb671c2e7.jpg][Image: 14394245920_c494956e18.jpg][Image: 15375449035_908c413605.jpg][Image: 17685466898_2a359dcd7b.jpg][Image: 17687025489_54393394c7.jpg]

So, Now I've learned what I did wrong.   I've debated going DD on this many times.  But it would put the weight into something that wouldn't fly on a G80,  and part of the great joy of this rocket is grab it, slap a motor in, and walk to the pad.    So it stays single deploy.  I have other rockets for going high.    But I want it with better glues, and a 38mm mount.  so here we go.

[Image: 16637988639_694bcb3da8.jpg]
[Image: 16603170746_272ce57be4.jpg][Image: 16717878603_22564c79b3.jpg]
[Image: 18318845261_1c0c2e12a0.jpg][Image: 17876123064_aaa43376e8.jpg]

Oh, and while I'm here...I found out these lets make a third Smile

[Image: 17202493045_427f9700bb.jpg]

Sanded the fins all even

[Image: 18312630789_cafdc4cabc.jpg]

dry fit
[Image: 18312633189_6954c3d0ae.jpg]

Heres the second fin going in.   The first was even, didn't need to be adjusted.  This one was slightly off, and the fin guide doesn't fit the 3/16 fins.  So I got a little creative.   Glued in the Motor mount and the fins with Aeropoxy ES6209.   Aeropack is on with JBweld.

[Image: 17928254903_8eff5261d3.jpg]
Looks good! We'll reserve the discussion of your choice of libation to another thread, tho...
(06-07-2015, 11:16 AM)phlash Wrote: Looks good!  We'll reserve the discussion of your choice of libation to another thread, tho...

Typically, I do a little better Smile   Must have been a warm day and I needed re-hydration.

[Image: 17062341225_98ef78cca2.jpg]

[Image: 16353890923_17470714b5.jpg]

[Image: 16972652302_eefc418150.jpg][Image: 9863936225_e4b19986ef.jpg]
Back to building, I even got a Pepsi in this one Smile

I typically seem to put the forward fins about 2 1/4" ahead of the rear.   Not sure if this was in the estes instructions, or just randomly spaced.

[Image: 18437870019_960759c437.jpg]
One down.  Now for the hard one.

[Image: 18072032763_484710c5de_c.jpg]
[Image: 18687944362_0d31e54059_c.jpg]
I never had an Optima, but I always liked the looks of it.
Your paint work makes me want one even more now.
You do fine work!
Agreed, love the Optima, and your paint scheme has to be the best I've seen.
It's restrained but showy at the same time, very balanced. I much prefer it over the original which is rare for me.
When I get around to building an Optima I hope you don't mind me copying your paint!
AMRS #54
WARS #24
Thanks guys! I was thinking something totally different when I started, but seeing it naked as bluetube and bare fins....the fins stood out so much better I had to go with this.

The second one I've been thinking a stock paintjob.... but maybe a white fin/black/white top would work better, with the rings of flake I had rings for the blue one, but didnt think they'd fit.

[Image: 6513926979_304fda444f_z.jpg]

[Image: 7253500596_6a096e3527_c.jpg]

i also like the shadow....
[Image: 5891747814_88aaa9dd5b_b.jpg]
Dave I am not sure the word obsession quite describes you and the Optima! It is not a strong enough word!  Big Grin Big Grin 
You do make the best Optima's!

Bill Clune L3 | NAR#88583
Been a launch Director
Founded a Club
MARS Club|SRC|MDRA - Forever
Optima falls right in with other classics like the Viper and Cherokee-D.
No matter how upscale you make them, they just seam to fly right and look darn good doing it.
Especially with a really good paint job with the right colors.

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