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From the Secret BlastFromThePast Laboratory
"Projects...projects...Oh, Yes...Here's the list...Ahem...."

These are all currently in various stages of planning, parts acquisition, build, or finishing processes:

Estes Star Seeker clone

Custom designed carrier rocket for a cloned Estes Firefly glider.  Had one of these tandems back in the early days, and they were a hoot to fly!

MPC Lunar Patrol clone

Estes Astron Falcon glider.   This one should be a quick 'knock-together' bird.

MPC Super / Star clone.  Gots to have a Stine-designed contest-grade bird somewhere in the mix!

A 'Mystery Rocket'.  To be revealed when it's done.  (Very likely next week.)

Centuri Satellite 62SL clone.

Restoration of my original Delta-2  (Estes' old Astrocam booster).  Since the Astrocam is long retired from service, I will be replacing it with a scratch built payload section for sport flying and maybe a different larger payload section for lofting a small spy-cam. 

Scale IQSY Tomahawk  (BT-5 size)

WAC Corporal / Tiny Tim  based on BT-20 with working open air gap staging.  (We shall see about that!)

In addition, I will be soon purchasing my very own Mercury Redstone kit.  One of the many rockets I didn't get around to building 30 years ago, but is high on my current project bucket list.

All of these endeavors should keep this rocket geek busy well into the holiday season, and result in a reasonable arsenal of rockets to start off the 2017 flying season.

"I don't care what they're referred to these days...I'm still calling them 'Igniters'"

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