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Started In Late 70s
I started when I was a teen.  The local hobby store carried Estes rockets and of course their catalog.  I'd take them home and thought about how cool that would be.  Some of my first rockets were V2, Vigilante, and Marauder.   But didn't get back into it until late 80s after the military.  A group of us guys at work banned together and flew rockets at an undeveloped business park.   Then moved to Missouri and found a great group there and flew at my in-laws farm year round. 

 In the past few years I built a PML Miranda, which is my first big rocket.  But lost my job and never have been able to fly it.   But recently had time to get back into the hobby and rebuilding some of my oldies that have been through a lot.  Also ready to get my Miranda lifted off.   There is a group here in eastern North Carolina I'm hoping to go visit and get to know.

 I'm into electronics and programming.  Anxious to fly some instrumentation in some future flights.   Also gathering parts for a rocket motor test stand so I can get into sugar and APCP propellants.  

 I still like a mix of small and large rockets so I can fly even in small areas.

Ham Radio Operator - KM4OLT
Also into sugar propellants -
Amateur Experimental Rocketry on FB

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