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So... I Kinda Started A Parachute Company
I've been playing with HPR streamers since at least 2011.  My L2 cert flight in 2012 had a streamer at apogee, as did many of my dual-deploy rockets in the interim--including my L3 flight.  I've even used very large streamers as primary recovery on large MPR and small HPR rockets.  And I came up with a couple parachute designs. 

Next thing I know, people are asking me to make their recovery components.  A few really liked them, too. 

So what started an an ancillary part of my rocketry hobby has become a pursuit of its own. 

Please allow me to introduce to you Paramedichutes, my venture into making recovery components for the rocketry community.

I have, at current, two lines of products...

First, the Quick Recovery System (QRS) tracking streamers.  Using these in place of a drogue parachute greatly enhances visibility on descent.  These range in size from the 6" x 72" QRS-06 to the monstrous 36" x 432" QRS-36.  They have a Cd of 0.09 and are great for apogee events--or even recovering up to about 5lb as a primary recovery device.

The second line is the Basic Landing System.  This was developed over the last couple of years and has worked very well.  It is not the high-performance line I'm still working on, but a more basic shape --semi-elliptical.  The Cd on these runs 1.4-1.6.  They each have 8 gores and are up to 60" in size --to recover 15 lb or under.

Hope to be able to fly with you soon!



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