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What's your favorite LPR rocket(s)?
Right favourite is my Quest Harpoon. But decades ago, I had a little Centuri Gabriel that I loved....wish I still had it.
(06-08-2015, 08:23 AM)Greg Young Wrote: I like almost all of the old Estes designs, but I agree that Big Bertha (which is also one of Vern Este's favorites) is a real crowd pleaser with its slow take offs..
I also liked the Cobra and Ranger clustered birds, the Drifter, and my favorite glider (which looked a little like a UFO) was the Astron Invader. I painted that red and black, and despite the paint it glided great, circling slowly....
Then there was the Farside, the Camroc and Cineroc.....
Those early Estes years were responsible for some really creative models. Smile Smile


I was just reading back thru this list, and your list of the Astron Invader caught my eye.  Recently I found some copies of pictures I took in the 60s.  Here is my fleet in 1966.  (I had not learned yet about framing your shot ....)

Mt Invader is red, black, and has silver wing tips, which don't stand out very well against the wall color. Mine flew like your description, cicling the field.  My friend built one, but left out the dihedral.  His glided inverted. Invaders I built later in life were terrible gliders -- go figure.   Smile

The one clipped off at the left is a Ranger. The only other kit there is the Delta, which I didn't ever fly with jsut a nose cone.  But since the kit was intended for the Camroc, I just put a nose cone on it for display.  Sadly, I never did get a Camroc, or a Cineroc, for that matter.

NAR 55948, L2
In Build: Mars Snooper
Next: upscale Sky Hook (Panavia kitbash)
In Finishing:  Estes Honest John, Red Nova, Super Cobra
Lee, I like the two tone effect with the silver on the invader! That must have been a beauty to watch. Mine was red and black.
I may just build another! Smile
Greg Young - L3
TRA 00234
NAR 42065
My original Centuri X-24 Bug! I flew that one, literally, to pieces. Somehow my Squirrel Works XRV doesn't fly near as nice - have to build another one since I can't belive that 10 yo me was a better builder than current neophyte BAR me!
Almost impossible to choose....

Probably the Trident or Explorer Aquarius
or Mars Lander
Saturn V
or for simplicity - The Cherokee D on the mighty D engine
Hands down the MPC Lunar Patrol.  If you have never seen one of these in flight, it is impressive - especially if the gliders are well trimmed for a circling glide pattern.  The sight of all three model components descending in close proximity to each other is really cool. 

I've got a clone partially finished on the workbench as I write this.  Can't wait to get it finished and out to the launch pad.  I had a lot of fun flying the original back in the 70s.
"I don't care what they're referred to these days...I'm still calling them 'Igniters'"

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