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Looking for L1 rocket opinions
(01-11-2018, 10:05 PM)FMarvinS Wrote: For combined quality and low price, its hard to beat the Wildman Junior series. All rockets are fiberglass, with a 38 mm MM, dual deployment, and most parts needed to complete construction sans parachute. The price is about $126 each or less. Most either have build threads on line or written instructions. You also can't beat Tim's availability to answer build questions over the phone. Check their new website and online reviews.
   Alternatives to consider are the AMW kits and formally Rocketry Warehouse kits (now sold by Mad Cow Rocketry). I agree that the above mentioned CTI cert sale of a free case for a cert 1 attempts is a great deal. Its acquired through your local club's CTI sales associate.

Good Luck!
Fred, L2
member ICBM, S>C>
Thanks Fred! Appreciate the input. I will have to give those kits a look.

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