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AMW Red Max Build
Edit: After some file size upload errors, it appears the errors I was getting are gone.  Here is the fin can after removing from the bag.  There are a few wrinkles in the fiberglass layer, but otherwise it looks pretty good.   After sanding the fins, I will probably go with clear on the fin section and paint the rest black.  

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Here is the nosecone electronics section set-up. It is pretty much the same as the one in my Estes MDRM, in the build linked at the top of this thread.  Most of these parts were recycled 54mm motor mount parts from the AMW DRM kit.   I turned and tapped a piece of aluminum stock to hold the threaded rod.  The aluminum round stock will be embedded in about 1 lb. of BBs and epoxy, to adjust the CG forward. The electronics sled will go on the central threaded rod.  I still need to add charge holders to the bulkhead.

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Man that’s one clean looking electronics bay! ??
(04-30-2018, 01:55 PM)IndianaSteve Wrote: Man that’s one clean looking electronics bay! ??

Thanks, but that's only because it's empty. Smile Once I put the electronics in it will be a rat's nest of wires.

I don't have much left to do on this except finishing.  A launch with a decent waiver would motivate me to finish it but it doesn't look like I'll be able to make any launch events for the next couple months, so this will probably see no updates until it gets launched.
I can for sure understand the motivation part. I am trying to at least get my L1 build in primer so I can get a test flight in at this weekends launch. That is if my One Bad hawk harness comes in time lol.
One of these days we will get in to the high fliers and take advantage of our clubs standing 10k and 15k call in wavers!!
I put together a 98/75 mm adapter. First flight should be on an Aerotech K1499. Coming this summer to a launch near you!

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That should be an awesome flight! Hopefully you will get video ?
The pumpkins are upon us, and the primer went like this:

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The Red Max is now black.  Maybe a launch in 2019.  Fingers crossed.

Very nice work, if you are willing to travel (I don't know where your home field is), you may want to consider Bayboro in N.C., it has a monthly weekend of flights (until April) with a waiver to approx. 16,500 feet. If you are putting a tracked or GPS unit in the bay, are you attaching it to the shock cord or using an external SMA antenna screwed into the outside of the bay's bulkhead. Also, I've been using all thread couplers epoxied to the inside of the nose cone bay and further strengthens with 2 layers of fiberglass cloth. I find it gives me extra room to minimize the size or the "rat's nest," what are your thoughts?

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