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AMW Red Max Build
Edit: After some file size upload errors, it appears the errors I was getting are gone.  Here is the fin can after removing from the bag.  There are a few wrinkles in the fiberglass layer, but otherwise it looks pretty good.   After sanding the fins, I will probably go with clear on the fin section and paint the rest black.  

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Here is the nosecone electronics section set-up. It is pretty much the same as the one in my Estes MDRM, in the build linked at the top of this thread.  Most of these parts were recycled 54mm motor mount parts from the AMW DRM kit.   I turned and tapped a piece of aluminum stock to hold the threaded rod.  The aluminum round stock will be embedded in about 1 lb. of BBs and epoxy, to adjust the CG forward. The electronics sled will go on the central threaded rod.  I still need to add charge holders to the bulkhead.

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