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AMW Red Max Build
Thanks Fred.

I live in Maryland, so my local club is MDRA.  The MDRA winter field has a 16k ft waiver from December through April, so it's about the same as Bayboro, but thanks for the invite. Hopefully I can make it out to one of the MDRA launches in the next few months.. The rest of the year MDRA  flies from a sod farm which is only good for about 3-4 k due to nearby trees, so I usually try to go to URRF or another URRG launch in NY. 

See attached for my electronics setup.  The coupler is epoxied in the nosecone, and everything fits above the bulkplate inside the nosecone on a central rod.  I'll either use the 900 MHz tracker, or the TeleGPS 70 cm unit. For parachute release I plan to use the Jolly Logic chute release.

Your setup sounds good  as well.  I've seen people use what you describe before

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!What's up bots? I've got launch fever!

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you wouldn't be alone in that....

nice max btw

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Not a good day yesterday for the AMW Mega Der Red Max clone. Chute protector ended up reefing the chute, keeping it from inflating. After a last minute switch to a larger protector, I put it on the wrong side of a knot I tied to keep it from walking up the harness to the shroud lines. Broke fillets on two fins. It will be put in the rebuild pile, and will fly again.

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The up part was great. Launched on an Aerotech K1499. One second of thrust followed by a nice loud whistle. The Jolly Logic altimeter 3 is ridiculous with it's easy interface and instant data. Some data... more to come.

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I zoomed all the way out on the pic and my camera is not the greatest, but I did manage to catch the liftoff.  I think I see some mach diamonds in there somewhere.  The K1499N is mighty awesome.

23 max gees and 13 lbs loaded weight gives about 300 lbs. max thrust, which is less than the certified 400 lbs peak but the burn time was also a tad long at 1.2 seconds compared to the advertised 0.8 seconds.

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