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Fun V2 build
Just finished a fun build tonight. The Estes V2 had always been on my build list, but I never purchased one. Well all that changed last week when the UPS dropped this one off. I wasn’t go for a show paint job on this, I wanted that retro camouflage look. The OD green and black is my favorite combo, so here is how she turned out. Now to wait for the weather to turn and get her in the air!
[Image: VQyLri.jpg]
Looks real nice...

I did a "Canadian Arrow" (lengthened version of the V-2 that was one of the old "X-Prize" kits, back before the V-2 was re-released) in a Polaris missile paint job... Basically a "what if" the Kriegsmarine (German Navy) had continued their experiments with submarine-launched missiles and actually built their submarine-towed V-2 launch canister to launch V-2's from the ocean at Washington and New York (ala "Luft '46")

It's a great flyer... Later! OL J R Smile

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