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L1 build thread
(04-30-2018, 05:40 PM)FMarvinS Wrote: The fillets look real good!


Thanks Fred!
I really like Rocket Poxy for fillets, it comes out as smooth as glass!
Ok, the fillets are finished! Shot a coat of primer on this afternoon and will sand down and shoot 1 more before topcoat. Will be a easy paint job on this one being it’s just a OD green rocket. I have the rail button holes drilled into the centering rings and they are ready to install after the finish work is done. 
Things are coming along nicely, and if the weather cooperates this weekend I will give her a maiden test flight. Not gonna push too hard on the test flight, am going with a Loki G94 Ice Blue load which I imagine will net 7-800ft and give me a chance to test out my Loki 38/120 hardware. 
Well here is a quick pick of the Little John in the vise drying this afternoon. 
[Image: llGPHV.jpg]
Cool. Looking forward to launch report and more pics, including motor hardware.
(05-03-2018, 12:01 PM)MarkH Wrote: Cool. Looking forward to launch report and more pics, including motor hardware.

Not sure on the actual L1 attempt hardware yet. I’m thinking getting the Loki 38/240 case with a H100 Spitfire load. Would make a nice 12-1300 ft flight and look pretty neat to boot  Cool
I will be using the Loki 38/120 hardware with a G94 load for the test flights.
OSome more progress this afternoon, got some color shot on the rocket. Like I have said before, this is a pretty basic color scheme rocket being just Olive Drab, so it’s a simple paint job. 
[Image: 8MHxy4.jpg]
[Image: Bswphb.jpg]
Also received my harness today from One Bad hawk. 20’ 1/2” Kevlar harness with 3 sewn in loops. I actually ordered this off Wildman’s site and it was shipped directly from One Bad Hawk. For 15$ I think it’s a pretty great deal!
[Image: K7XKco.jpg]
And for my test flights as I’ve said I will be going with Loki power. The G94 Ice Blue should fit the bill nicely for a easy test flight. 
[Image: LJ3SFp.jpg]
I will let the paint get good and dry tonight, and hopefully my order from Stickershock23 will be in tomorrow and I can get some decals on and a shot of clear. 
With good weather on Sunday it’s looking promising that I will have this rocket ready for a test flight!
Stickershock23 order came in today so the decals went on! Im one of those comic relief guys  Big Grin So I had to add a little comedy in my decal scheme. Thought I had some matte clear to shoot over the decals, but unfortunately I didn’t. So I’ll have to pick some when I’m back in town tomorrow. 
[Image: CP4Lsb.jpg]
Also got the harness all hooked up and installed in the rocket. I used quick links to attach to the motor mount. Makes it nice that I can reach down in and take the harness on and off. I will also use quick links to attach to the nose cone and the swivel for the chute. 
[Image: 0DCB9u.jpg]
Well that will be it for tonight, until I can get back into town and get the rest of the supplies.
Well time to get the loose ends wrapped up today. Put on a couple of coats of clear on the rocket. After it was dry, I installed the rail buttons. 
[Image: WpFZvR.jpg]
[Image: vyGYRH.jpg]
I finished up the harness by adding the chute protector, and a 36” chute. I will be using my Jolly Logic chute release with this rocket to minimize recovery distance. 

[Image: pcBDCh.jpg]
After assembly I noticed I needed a bit of nose weight, so I epoxied a nut in the nose cone so I can attach some washers to add weight. I plan on doing some more permanent lead shot and epoxy but I want to fly it first and see how it reacts. 
[Image: zv5HeE.jpg]

Well Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls here is the finished product! My 4” MadCow Little John. If the thunderstorms hold off tomorrow I will give it a test flight at the club launch. 
I will give a launch report and video [if I can figure out how to do that] if the weather cooperates tomorrow. 
[Image: HGGTuD.jpg]
I seem to remember the eyelet on LOC cones being a weak point, FWIW.
Stickersjook decals look good as usual.
(05-05-2018, 09:05 PM)MarkH Wrote: I seem to remember the eyelet on LOC cones being a weak point, FWIW.
Stickersjook decals look good as usual.

I’m hoping to turn the nosecone into a AV bay. So the factory attachment point will be gone. I will definitely keep an eye on it these first couple flights.
Well first test flight went picture perfect! The Loki G94 ran the rocket to about 900 ft and came back down nice and smooth! Well since I can’t figure out how to up load videos, here are a few stills of the flight at today’s club launch. 
[Image: G9SfGy.jpg]
[Image: 5ssIQn.jpg]
[Image: J8kh8I.jpg]

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