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Crossloads Cross-up, Aerotech K1999N vs CTI K1620 - which will win?
It is time to crossload the Aerotech K1999N Warp 9 load into the CTI case.  We will start with the O-rings.  The Aerotech reload bag of inert parts includes CTI sized O-rings shown below.  The two orange silicone O-rings are the same size and get applied to the nozzle holder and forward closure as shown.  The smaller black Buna O-ring is placed in the internal groove of the nozzle holder. Note, if you watch the Aerotech YouTube crossload assembly video for the 75 mm size, it differs from the 98mm Aerotech Crossload instructions (the external  nozzle holder O-ring is omitted in the 75 mm crossload video, and the Aerotech Nozzle O-ing is used instead).

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Alright kids, Crossload school is back in session.  Time to bring this lesson to a close.  The motor is assembled thusly, below:

In the next to last photo you will notice a gap between the rear closure and the case.  This gap is about 1/8 inch and is due to the extra thickness of the Aerotech seal disk compared to the Cesaroni washer, shown in the last photo.  When I removed the Aerotech seal disk and replaced it with the CTI forward washer, the motor went together with no gap on the aft end.  The directions state to keep the forward retaining ring flush with the case, so the extra length of the assembled inner parts shows up in the aft closure not being able to be  tightened all the way down.


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A side-by-side comparison:

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In lieu of posting my own launch footage of the above motors,  I will leave you with this.  Other people's launches of the same motors scoured from the world wide web.

First up is the other MarkH's (StickerShock proprietor) launch of a K1999N.


Second is the launch of Jason Cook's Mighty Nutcracker on a K1620.  Nice slow-mo video in that one.

As always, keep it real out there on the flying fields, and thanks for watching.
The time has come to put the Vmax motor in a rocket and see what it can do

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