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Satellite GPS trackers
I finally found the holy grail of rocketry tracking.
Jerry Larson of UP Aerospace turned me on to them as they use them in their 450,000' flights.

It's the spot.

What is so new is the service is only $15/month.
No ground station, receive your rockets location on a smart phone app.
And the data is all logged on the web.
4AAA batteries powers the waterproof device for 14 days.
Sure, it locks out over 20k, but it's for recovery.
Once you recover your rocket you download the data from your GPS logger.
I like this Sparkfun logger $15 and you have all the GPS data you need.
And the Beitian BN-800 has been working well, gotta love drones driving prices down. And it's right on Amazon and I can get free delivery by Thursday.
It has  U-Blox 8 chipset and is only $20
So for $35 and 3 little wires, your up and running.
[Image: sigpic867_3.gif]
Robert DeHate
TRA TAP #9956
NAR L3CC #75198
Largest single flight 81,267Ns! [Image: yikes.gif]

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