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L2 FrenzyXL end of build thread
Started this thread over on TRF, and now its done but here is a link to my clubs forum. Will be flying it for my L2 attempt on a CTI Pro38-6G J354W on Saturday.

That's a nice looking project....good luck on your L-2!
Jim Hendricksen
T 9693
L-3 Savannah Ga
Thanks CJ, I even borrowed some of your techniques during the build. Injected fillets and tubular kevlar epoxied to the MMT directly for the drogue recovery harness connection.
Straight smoke and a soft landing for your L2.

Video! So we can all share in your success.
Kit (aka "Cranky Kong"), Certified Rocket Monkey
"We were promised jet packs!"

2015: Total Impulse: 2,017.78 Ns - 58% K motor
Since 2010: Impulse: 11,019.58 Ns - 8% N motor
Will definitely try to get video this time around, my L1 video failed to work out. I dont have any inflight video capabilities however, I plan on having several video cameras and cameras onsite. Maybe I can convince the club president to bring is Casio whatever model it is with the high speed ability to shoot the launch for me.
Good luck with your L2. I'll never for get the day I did mine. I was so nerves and excited.
Bill Fields
For the record the L2 Certification Flight was completed successfully.

For those who like to see numbers here they are:

From my MissleWorks RRC3 Extreme (To Jim Amos: I absolutely love this flight computer its so easy to program, thanks and looking forward to the telemetry package for it)

Max Altitude 4451'
Max Velocity 636 fps @ 433.64 mph
Time to Altitude: 16 seconds
Power Up Temp: 82.4 F
Launch Temp: 87.6 F
Low Temp: 87.3 F
Pad Time: 3.63 minutes
Power Up Voltage: 9.06
Launch Volts: 8.97
Descent Time 143.25 seconds
Drogue Parachute Descent Rate: 37 fps
Main Parachute Descent Rate: 18 fps

Thanks again to my wife Teri for the parachutes, she sews way better and faster than I ever can. The main chute was a 60" Red White and Sage Green 15gore 25% hemisphere, with fifeteen 96" shroud lines made from 95# paracord and with a 6" spill hole CD according to OpenRocket was approx CD .75. The drogue was a 24" Red and White 8 gore 50% hemisperhical chute with 8 shroud lines of Atwood 100 lb mini-rope I bought at Kennewick Ranch and Home, approximate CD 1.0.
After examining the data I don't see any reason I couldn't go with a smaller drogue for a higher descent rate, however the rocket seemed to be falling with good separation of components so I will probably leave things alone unless the winds are higher. The main deployed at 700' but the rocket didn't reach the 18 fps descent until about 520', so 700' main deploy was ok for this rocket.

However the Drogue event charge needs to be a bit larger due to the fact it failed to separate the airframe but the motor backup got it out. This problem may have been due to the friction fit being tighter than when I ground tested or due to the hotter weather, IDK.


Pictures are courtesy of Dave King our club president and his awesome Casio camera which does 30 frames/sec stills.
Congratulations on successfully certifying L2! Smile Smile
Greg Young - L3
TRA 00234
NAR 42065

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