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STUDY SUMMARY: Solid Propellant NOVA and comparison to Liquid Vehicle
(06-26-2015, 07:31 PM)Rocketman Wrote: I am scared if the posting word limit is higher here than at YORF!

Trojanowski confirmed to me on Facebook he has purged much of the content from Rocketry Online which he purchased, which is a tragic loss to rocket history during the ATF suit, and is precluded by contract from letting an interested third party to publish historical TRF posts.

That means the current commercially motivated owner will let it all go someday and Trojanowski has washed his hands of any responsibility for his own actions.

Phill Ash
Secretary - SouthEastern Virginia Rocketry Association (SEVRA)
2015 Tot Impulse: 1398.8 Ns (L2, 45 Flights, 57 Motors)
2016 Tot Impulse: 190.3 Ns (L2, 14 Flights, 16 Motors)


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